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I earned my first undergraduate degree in a self-designed, experiential learning-based program with the motto: the journey IS the destination. That experience fundamentally shaped the way I think about teaching and learning. 


I see learning as a collaborative journey in which the student(s) and I learn together, and both have specific roles and responsibilities to make it to our destination successfully and on time. 

In my classrooms, I work to:

  • co-construct learning environments in collaboration with students that are built on clear expectations and shared responsibility for teaching and learning

  • incorporate multiple methods for student to learn new information (text, video, audio, etc.)

  • assess student learning in an ongoing manner using a variety of techniques including audience polls, small and large-group discussion, case studies, reflection and low-stakes quizzes

  • create an inclusive classroom that considers the diverse identities of the learners in the room as well as the community members that the (future) nurses are delivering care to

  • provide clear expectations about assignment criteria well in advance of the deadline and use a detailed rubric for grading

Courses Developed

Students value my commitment to them and their learning, which helped me earn an Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Faculty Teaching Award (Bouve College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University, 2023)

Undergraduate Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Simulation Lab

(Co-Developed & Co-Taught)

Fall 2012, Spring 2013

Courses Taught


Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 

Fall 2021 (live, synchronous)

Fall 2020/Spring 2021 (hybrid, synchronous)

Honors Colloquium for Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness

Spring 2020 (live; transitioned to hybrid, asynchronous 3/2020)

Health Assessment Lab

Fall 2019 

Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical

(multiple settings; 2011-2017)

"Dr. Bosse was very accommodating, engaging, passionate, kind, and effective. He facilitated such a welcoming, inclusive, and
understanding learning environment. He demonstrated genuine care for our emotions, struggles, and personal lives."  Fall 2020 student

“This clinical experience has been extremely informative about mental health and mental health nursing, mostly due to my clinical instructor who is a natural educator and who goes the extra mile to supplement what we are learning in lecture.... I think that everything that I have learned in this clinical will be very valuable to my future practice as a nurse, no matter what I specialize in.”   

Clinical Student, Summer 2016


Teaching in Nursing 

Fall 2016 (online, asynchronous)

"I just want to thank you for taking the time to put together discussion summaries! It is such a great way to organize and provide a complete understanding of the discussion that took place. I have to admit I have started doing this in the online courses I teach since your first one on discussion 1."-graduate student in "Teaching in Nursing". Fall 2016

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